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Absolute HTML Compressor 1.14

It is a tool which compresses HTML files by removing unnecessary tags
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Absolute HTML compressor is a tool which compresses HTML files by removing unnecessary tags. It optimizes the files by reducing its size so now it’s easy to upload files and open them quickly. It doesn’t change the display of the file in the browser so it can be very useful for web programmers. It doesn’t corrupt the script and removes only unnecessary things.
It has an option dialog which gives many ways to optimize HTML files. A simple interface makes it easy to operate. With the option dialog the user can set which unnecessary things he/she wants to remove from HTML files and what he/she wants to keep. It merges lines automatically and also removes unnecessary white space characters. It replaces some large tags with short ones to reduce the file size. HTML files contain many comments which are not useful for displaying files on browser, these comments also can be removed from the HTML file. It creates a backup of each file before compressing so a user can undo changes done in a file and restore the previous one. A folder can be set as an input to this tool and it detects all the HTML files in the folder and its subfolder and compresses it.

Manoj Goel
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  • Supports all Windows family operating systems
  • Compression is easy and quick
  • Creates backup of each file
  • Removes only things that user wants


  • Removes some comments that can be useful to understand script
  • Removes Meta tags which are very informative from a programmer's point of view
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